Dr Jyoti Bahra

Jyoti Bahra at 32dental Studio

Jyoti is a keen, experienced dentist with a passion for facial and dental aesthetics. She holds a certificate in Botox and Dermal Fillers from Manchester, in the UK. Her aptitude in aesthetics is coherent with her belief in closeness to perfection as possible. Dentists are by far the best at understanding facial anatomy, and they are the pinnacle of precision movements in terms of all the healthcare fields. Jyoti has used this to her advantage, if there is a wrinkle unwanted, she is ready to smoothen it out.

Jyoti also enjoys working with challenging dental cases in both geriatric and pediatric patients, her most dazzling attribute is her patience and outlook. She believes in prevention and works with children and their parents to encourage good oral hygiene and healthy dietary habits. Patient acceptance is ideal to ensure the success of any dental treatment plan. Listening to a problem which may not be obvious and understanding what the specific treatment needed is allows Jyoti to spellbind the patient and then incorporating the science to ensure excellence.

This in a nutshell is her motto… and of course to keep you smiling.