Gum disease & periodontal therapy

Gum disease is a condition caused by a bacterial infection of the gums, usually related to poor oral hygiene, certain genetic predispositions, and some medications. The signs and symptoms include the gums becoming swollen, sore, with infected gums generally bleeding during brushing.

If not treated, gum disease can progress to cause a range of problems, including recession of the gums, bone loss, and in advanced cases, tooth loss.

If your dentist finds evidence of gum disease during your dental check-up, we recommend beginning treatment promptly to stop any further progression of the disease and prevent any problems from developing further.

At 32dental, we offer a range of periodontal therapy to patients suffering from mild/moderate cases to those suffering from the most advanced cases, including severe cases that could require periodontal surgery.

Treatment Costs

Periodontal Assessment: KShs 4000

Mild/Moderate Therapy: KShs 7500 per session

Advanced Therapy: KShs 10000 per session