Dental implants are another method of tooth replacement. In simple terms they are titanium rods or screws that are fixed to the jawbone. An extension is then secured to the implant and a new crown is created and placed to match the colour and contours of the existing teeth.

During the first stage, we will place the implant into the bone and cover it with an antiseptic dressing. This procedure will be carried out under local anaesthetic. Over the next four to six months, the implant will fuse with the bone to become solid. During the “healing period”, we will use a temporary fixed bridge or a removable prosthesis to close the gap.

In the second treatment stage, we will securely attach a precision fitting post into the healed implant. We will then, create the final new tooth crown. For more information please see the video link below.

Dental Implants Video.

Treatment Costs

Implant: US$2,500 per tooth