Root canal treatments

If a deep decay reaches the nerve of a tooth or a fracture exposes the nerve, a root canal treatment may be needed. When the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as the ‘pulp’) is exposed through decay or injury it can get infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth. This may eventually lead to an abscess. If a root canal treatment is not carried out, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be removed.

The process involves us cleaning the root system of the tooth and placing a permanent restoration within as well as on top of the tooth. See the video below for more information. We use the latest equipment and techniques such as ProTaper® to ensure the best result and longevity of the treatment.

An emergency extirpation can be done in some cases if the infection needs to brought down as soon as possible, this is usually the first step in a root canal procedure.

Video on root canal procedure.

Treatment Costs:

Incisors: KShs 20000

Pre-molars: KShs 25000

Molars: KShs 30000