At 32dental we believe that creating the perfect smile isn’t everything. In today’s world we are always looking for ways to improve the way we look either in clothes we wear, make-up we put on or the hair products we apply and recently advanced skin treatments have been increasing. Our resident Botox Expert is trained in various techniques and has bought the newest technology to the Studio for a range of different treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your look.

Our team specialise in a unique, clinical approach to skin care and are responsible for keeping our clients faces glowing. We have a vast amount of men and women of all ages that have the common goal of achieving healthy, rejuvenated skin.

32dental Studio has become home of not only dental speciality but a unique experience of excellent skin care treatments. Each facial is bespoke to the client’s individual skin requirements ensuring optimum results, and our friendly clinicians will guide you through the procedure with ease.

In the future we are aiming to bring in a specialist trichologist.